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Australia occupies a top position among all countries where the rate of alcohol usage is higher. One in five people aged 18 consumes more than ten standard drinks weekly. That’s an average number of alcohol consumption in Australia exceeding the guidelines and health safety measures. In this article, you’ll see the latest Australian alcohol consumption statistics and how it’s affecting people of different ages. 

Average Alcohol Consumption in Australia 

Australia is the sixth-largest country in terms of area and is famous for its global economic patterns and strict military rules. Being such a diverse country with a worldwide reputation, it also ranks high in increasing risks of alcohol-related diseases. 

According to a survey done in 2019, 7.8% of Australian residents drink alcohol daily, with men 3.5 times higher than women. It indicates alcohol use in Australia that alternatively produces several health-damaging effects. 

Alcohol statistics in Australia does not stop here as the survey done by Australian School Students Alcohol and Drug (ASSAD) states that the rate of alcohol consumption among students has increased from 8.8% to 33.2% in the past three decades. From the reports, it’s evident that there is an excessive use of alcohol in the country that is beyond control now. A graphical representation of alcohol use in Australia is shown below: 

Alcohol Consumption Statistics in Australia
Proportion of Australians Aged 18+ Who Consume Alcohol

Alcohol Use Per Person in Australia 

Over time, the number of people who have not drunk alcohol in their life has been increasing rapidly in Australia. Owing to this increased proportion of alcohol statistics in Australia, the government has imposed some guidelines somehow to stop the overdose of alcohol in the country. 

According to these guidelines, there has been observed a gradual decrease in the overall Australian alcohol consumption statistics, with a decline from 6% to 5.4% in 2019. Furthermore, the per capita alcohol consumption in Australia has also decreased to 0.6% during 2022-2023. Now, one out of 6 people over 18 years old consumes five standard drinks daily or on specific occasions. 

Alcohol Consumption Statistics in Australia
Overall Decreasing Alcohol Statistics in Australia

Teenage Drinking Statics in Australia 

As teenage are more addicted to alcohol usage, Australian teenage drinking statistics show that 39.1% of students consumed alcohol in the past year. It includes male and female students, with males twice in proportion to other sexes. 

Thus, to put a limit to daily alcohol consumption in Australia, the binge drinking Australian statistics states that men should not consume more than seven standard drinks per night. Similarly, women should not consume more than five drinks per night. It is to ensure a healthy and safe lifestyle for every Australian resident. 

Final Verdict

To sum it all up, Australian alcohol consumption statistics, as mentioned above, are more than enough to show the average alcohol usage and its effects on a healthy body. It’s also important to note that all the data sources are taken from government officials and authoritative sites, so you can rely on them. 

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