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Australia has been one of the most well-known global powerhouse and tourist destinations for the past few decades. Gorgeous landscapes, stunning beauty, and a mix of friendly cultures make Australia one of the best countries to live in the world.

Good Things About Australia

Australia is the world’s sixth-largest country, with just over 20 million people living on the East and West coast. Aussies are chilled, warm, and welcoming people who adore sports and love to hang out with friends. It is considered by many popular media outlets the fourth happiest country in the world. Let’s go over the contented and carefree standard of living in Australia, the best country in the world.

1. Climate

Australia has one of the best climates and average weather around the globe. With pleasant and mild weather, receives more than thirty thousand hours of sunshine annually. Combined with the beautiful landscapes and beaches, Australia is the perfect country if you love spending time outdoors.

2. Healthcare

According to World Population Review 2022, Australia ranks eighth in the world for quality of life. The Wide Brown Land offers highly trained healthcare providers offering exceptional services. Also, the country has less smoking ratio than normal. Aussies have a high life expectancy, making Australia an excellent place to live if you are looking for a solid healthcare system.

3. Multilingual

One of the benefits of living in Australia is that it is extremely language friendly. Over two hundred and sixty languages are spoken in Australia, aside from English. Some popular languages in Australia are:

  • Arabic
  • Mandarin
  • Greek
  • Cantonese
  • Italian

With so many languages mixing up, Australia has created a fascinating culture and communication structure.

4. Education

Australia is a crown winner in this regard. But why do people live in Australia for education? The country has been the most favored country for education for students worldwide. 

Australia now has over 0.3 million students from more than 140 countries. The country is home to 6 of the world’s top 100 universities, making it a global education hub.

5. Highest Minimum Wage in the World

Thanks to its strong economy and high employment rate, the minimum wage in Australia is higher than its competitors by over 10 dollars. It makes Australia the best country in the world for average-earning people.

6. Other Facts

  • If you visit a new beach every day in Australia, it will take you 27 years to visit all the beaches.
  • Three Australian cities are regularly ranked as the top most livable worldwide.
  • Aussies’ life expectancy is two years above the OECD average.
  • Australia ranks second for top-notch quality education.

Final Take

To answer the question, Is Australia a good place to live? Yes, Australia offers a healthy and friendly environment for people of every culture and nation. Also, the healthcare system and infrastructure are great, increasing the quality of life and making Australia the best country in the world.

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