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The Australian fitness industry has taken a major hit by COVID. The gym facilities, health clubs, and fitness centers were all repeatedly shut down over the past two years. Also, the Australian fitness industry statistics show that gym sector expansion was also reduced during the pandemic. That’s because even big players in the industry stopped investing while the overall market was declining rapidly.

All gymnasiums in Australia were forcibly shut down in 2020. Repeated shutdowns and intolerable pandemic restrictions also marked the following year (2021). However, in 2022-2023, the Australian health and fitness industry has recovered considerably. That’s because people are talking about health and fitness in Australia more than ever.

Let’s dive further into the fitness industry statistics in 2022-2023.

Fitness Industry and Gym Statistics in Australia

2022 has marked exponential growth in the fitness industry. Even though government funds and grants were gone, the industry was saved by increased health awareness in the post-pandemic duration. Analyzing the audience’s industry-saving response, authorities predict that the fitness industry’s growth will continue booming in 2023. Here’s a graph showing the fitness program enrollment and completion over the past 5 years.

Fitness Training Trends in Australia
Fitness Training Trends in Australia

Given all the facts mentioned above, Australia’s health and industry business sector generated a revenue of $292 million in 2022. According to Statista, approximately 49.1% of the young Aussies (18-24 years old) were regular members of gym facilities and health clubs. With such a popular health culture popping up, the expected annual fitness industry growth will be 3.7% from 2019-2024. The following figure shows Australia’s projected market size (2007-2028) of gyms and fitness centers.

Fitness Industry and Gym Centers' market size in Australia
Australian Market Size of Fitness and Gym Centers

Fitness Equipment and Gym Business Australia

The growth of the fitness industry has also boosted job opportunities in the fitness sector in Australia. According to a survey, there are around 23% more available jobs in the gym and group instructors, personal trainers, fitness services coordinators, etc. In 2022, Aussies spent an estimated 8 billion dollars on fitness equipment and training.

There have been an additional 11,000 job openings in the Australian fitness industry over the past five years. Government authorities are encouraging relevant personnel to import more fitness equipment in Australia to keep up with the rapid growth of the fitness industry. The Australian fitness industry statistics show that the post-pandemic era has marked a 170% increase in fitness equipment sales.

Number of Fitness Centers

The overall Australian fitness and industry statistics are worse than normal due to the economic recession and pandemic. However, the number of fitness centers and health clubs has increased over the past few years. Fitness industry statistics showed approximately 6462 fitness centers in Australia in 2021. That number is projected to increase by 2.3% in 2022.

Final Take

Health bloggers and fitness social media influencers are pivotal in increasing Aussies’ health and fitness awareness. As backed by all the above facts, the Australian fitness industry statistics are expected to show steady growth in the next few years. The gym business in Australia is an integral part of the nation’s economy.

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