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pexels alphatradezone 5831339

Investment is risky, especially when you’re new to the stock exchange. At first, you might get frustrated and stressed due to the fluctuating market trends. The best way to manage your portfolio and keep an eye on the market activities is by using the right applications and software to minimize your losses and maximize your gains.

You might be wondering if it is important to use these apps if you’re into stocks or investments. Well, these apps do the crucial task of managing your investment by providing real-time updates and important reminders and they help you with technical and fundamental analysis. Thus, this article covers the best stock apps to make your investments smooth and easy. 

1- Sharesies


Sharesies is the most downloaded Australian stock app, as more than half a million investors trust it. Operating in multiple countries, it provides flexible investment options without limitations or minimum requirements. Due to these excellent features, Sharesies is included among the best Apps for Australian Stocks.


  • Friendly user interface with a sleek design
  • Charges a low transaction fee
  • Payments are secure and protected


  • Only for Australian Residents

2- eToro

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With the main focus on providing copy trading services, eToro is considered one of the great Apps for Australian Stocks. Its financial services are equipped with innovative tools and the latest technological advancements. 


  • Offers easy withdrawal and deposit services
  • Popular for its innovative financial upgrades
  • Licensed in multiple regions and countries 


  • Charges 1% fee for buying and selling

3- Hellostake


If you’re a beginner looking for a low-fee Australian stock trading app, Hellostake is the perfect choice for you. It’s specifically made for starters and new stock investors so they can trade with ease. The best thing is you’ll get rewards and an opportunity to collaborate with the world’s leading trading platform.


  • You can easily deposit and transfer funds
  • Multiple ways to trade, invest, and earn
  • It does not charge any subscription fees


  • High foreign exchange fees


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When listing the best Apps for Australian Stocks, comes on top of the list. Its market trends and versatile range on an international scale provide valuable information to an investor. Thus, you can trust it as the best Australian stock app and get plenty of benefits with a single click. 


  • Provides valuable market insights
  • Best for international shares
  • Provides real-time prices


  • Has slow customer support

5- CMC Markets

CMC Market

CMC Market is the only option for those who are serious about their trading and want one-to-one personal guidance. From forex pairs to treasuries, this is one of the best apps to buy stocks in Australia. Unlike other apps for Australian stocks, it takes one step ahead and provides learning material as well, so you can trade with knowledge and according to market trends. 


  • Keeps you updated with the global market
  • Contain weekly outline and morning updates
  • Best for both new and experienced traders


  • You might face app optimization issues

Bottom Line

You can earn big bucks through investment in stocks. But there are many ways to do so, and countless apps are available to help you. The above-mentioned best apps for Australian stock are tested and can bring you the results. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the one best suited to your needs and get started with stock investment. 

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