To keep your caravan safe from theft, having a Caravan GPS tracking device installed within the vehicle is a wise move. With an average recovery rate of 95%, these GPS vehicle trackers are crucial for your van protection.Using the latest technology, these GPS trackers for caravans instantly track the position in real time, have a long battery and send you notifications to your smartphone for easy access.In this article we have reviewed the top 5 caravan tracker devices in Australia so you can play it safe when choosing the right one.


GPS Car Tracker Device : Best Overall

Mini Car GPS Tracker : Best Runner-Up

SinoTrack 4G Car GPS Tracker : Best High-end

Disclaimer: All the following Advertised Products have been Physically Tested & Inspected by our Editorial Team prior publishing this Review article.

Featured Products

Pro GPS Van Tracker Device

Gps Tracker for Caravans

Limited Time Offer: $50 Discount

  • Includes a magnetic back
  • Great Battery life: 10+ Days
  • Portable and easy to setup 

Mini Car GPS Tracker

mini gps tracker magnetic for cars

Limited Time Offer

  • Uses high-frequency technology to track vehicles
  • Comes with four different reporting modes 
  • Good customer support with additional configuration 

SinoTrack 4G Car GPS Tracker


Limited Time Offer

  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Decent Battery Life
  • Can access multiple devices in one account

Editorial Review Picks

gps tracker australia for caravans

Editorial Choice

GPS Van Tracker Device

Why We Picked It

This Caravan GPS tracking device is equipped with all the features you need to stay connected to your vehicle at all times and ensure maximum safety for all your trips, big and small. engineered with a multi-function design that includes a built-in strong magnetic function. It is indeed the Best Car GPS Tracker Available in Australia.

It also offers an expanded range of features like listening capability, voice recording, voice control callback function, real-time tracking options, shock burglar alarm options, SOS one key help feature, historical trajectory information retrieval functionality – plus extensive support for WiFi, LBSGPS and BeiDou capabilities.

✔ One of the Smallest GPS Caravan tracker available in Australia

 Magnetic Device can be attached in any hidden spot

 4G Tracking Chip compatible with the Telstra Network

 Suitable for tracking: Pets, Children, people, Cars, Scooters, etc

 Shipped in Discreet packaging without reference to the content

 Local Australian Seller – Fast delivery across all states

✖ NO Subscription required: simply insert a Telstra Sim card to start tracking

Pros & Cons

  • Includes a magnetic tracking chip 
  • Has excellent battery timing of more than a 10 Days
  • Portable and easy to setup: no instructions required
  • You might face connectivity issues in remote areas such as rural Australia due to its reliability on the 3g network
mini gps tracker magnetic for cars with audio recording

Professional Use

Mini Car GPS Tracker

Why We Picked It

If you are looking for one of the easiest and fastest tracking devices for a caravan, the Mini Car GPS Tracker is the perfect fit for you. It is a small, portable and provides unlimited protection to your cars, vehicles, and caravanners and comes with a lifetime warranty. Although it charges an annual subscription, you’ll get access to its web and mobile app anywhere, anytime. 

Pros & Cons

  • Uses high-frequency technology to track vehicles
  • Comes with four different reporting modes 
  • High customer support with additional configuration 
  • Drains battery faster 
gps3 1

Best Value

SinoTrack 4G Car GPS Tracker

Why We Picked It

With built-in double antennas, SinoTrack 4G caravan GPS tracker has all the functions to assist you in monitoring your vehicle. The best thing is that you can access real-time tracking benefits without paying additional subscription charges. Thus, you can trust this GPS caravan tracker when outside. 

Pros & Cons

  • Waterproof and perfect for your caravan
  • Includes a 150 mAh battery source 
  • Can access multiple devices in one account
  • Does not include a SIM card 

Higher End

Tracki 2021 Model Mini Real time GPS

Why We Picked It

Due to its accurate features, Tracki 2021 Model tracker is included in Australia’s list of best caravan tracking devices. Unlike other trackers, it is highly versatile and has a 3500mAh battery capacity. Hence, it precisely measures your vehicle’s distance and protects it from theft or loss. 

Pros & Cons

  • Contains a rechargeable battery
  • Equipped with a water-resistant silicone
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Requires a monthly subscription fee

Reliable but Costly

Apple AirTag 4 Pack

Why We Picked It

With super Ultra Wideband technology, Apple AirTag 4 Pack is one the perfect caravan trackers you can buy for your vehicle. It will automatically notify you when driving with real-time alerts available on both mobile and web apps. 

Pros & Cons

  • Instantly connect with your iPhone or Air pad.
  • Contains a list of colourful accessories 
  • Built-in speaker with a sensor
  • The battery needs to be replaced every year 

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