Bluetti Review Australia: Is it Worth the Hype?

Bluetti Review Australia
Bluetti Review Australia

Whether facing a power cut or on an outdoor trip, having a power pack in hand is a lifesaver in critical conditions. The power needs can be further fulfilled easily when you have a Bluetti Power bank in your gear. With a heavy-duty power station and the best technology, this power source is necessary for all blackout or low-power situations. 

However, you might be wondering if the Bluetti power pack is the only best option you should have on your list. This article will provide detailed insight into whether Bluetti Australian Power source is worth the hype. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons below. 

Pros of Bluetti Powerbank

Pros of Bluetti Powerbank
Pros of Bluetti Powerbank

Being recognised as the most portable power source, Bluetti has made its name in the industry. It is known for its exceptional features and multifunctional use of different electronic devices. Enlisted below are some of the pros that make it worth buying: 

1- High Battery Capacity

From power shortage to long camping trips, Bluetti Powerbank can have a high battery source fitted inside. It uses the most advanced and latest lithium iron phosphate battery that has enough power to charge your laptop, microwave, or air dryer. 

This means it can provide 2000-watt continuous power with a capacity of 166,000mAh, lasting almost ten years. With these exceptional features, you might not look for another power source in the market. 

2- Touchscreen Display

Touchscreen Display
Touchscreen Display

What would be more convenient than a resistive touchscreen LCD on your power bank? Bluetti solar batteries provide a smooth touch interface so you can easily manage the power capacity, charging needs, and other settings. 

3- Multiple Charging Modes

Unlike other advanced solar generators, the Bluetti power bank has multiple power output ports of both AC and DC varieties. Usually, it comes with three different charging modes: 

  • Using the main charger
  • Using a car supplier charger
  • Using solar panel 
Multiple Charging Modes
Multiple Charging Modes

This variety of charging modes makes it easy to set up and install the power source anywhere, anytime. The best thing is it comes with two 15W wireless charging pads, so you do not need to go anywhere else. 

Cons of Bluetti Powerbank

With a long-lasting battery and a powerful power station, you should get this power bank and close the deal. Right? That’s where you need to look at things that need to be improved in the Bluetti Power Pack. 

1- Hard to Carry 

With a 60lbs weight, the Bluetti powerpack makes it challenging to keep it in your camping or RV gear. It is beyond doubt that the innovative design and advanced battery need space to fit inside. Yet, you might find it bulky to carry on short outdoor trips. 

2- Bright Display

Although it was mentioned earlier that Bluetti has an excellent LCD touchscreen display, it needs some improvements. Sometimes the display gets too bright, making it difficult to read from the screen. Plus, if the touchscreen gets damaged, you must send it to the professionals for even a minor setting. 

Final Words

Looking at the incredible battery timing, smooth touch screen, and multiple charging modes should make Bluetti the best choice for you! 

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