Cyberbullying Statistics and Figures in Australia (2022-23)


Any hate speech or threats via digital means can be termed cyberbullying. Every country has reported an increase in cyber bullying cases after COVID. The pandemic wave and, thus, lock-down have escalated Australian cyber bullying in the past two years.

A local survey says that, on average, 53% of young Aussies have been cyberbullied at least once in their lifetime.

Australian Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying creates an utter feeling of powerlessness, especially in children. Thus, Australian cyberbullying is extremely harmful to the nation’s growth. Several charts show that cyberbullying victims often turn to destructive behaviors. It also invokes suicidal thoughts and depression, which can permanently damage one’s well-being.

Here are some interesting online bullying statistics in Australia.

Cyberbullying Statistics Australia

Anti-Bullying Crusader says that 43% of Aussie kids are being harassed online on average. 1 in 4 of those kids has reported multiple repeated incidents of cyberbullying. These numbers are increasing daily as people, especially teenagers, are more exposed to social media platforms than ever. Over 85% of teenagers use a smartphone, making it the most common medium for these events.

SBS News states that more than one in three Aussies experience online abuse daily. Online harassment is often named trolling to make it sound acceptable. But keep in mind that cyberbullying and spreading intentional online hate speech is a criminal offense that can be punished as per Australian law.

Social Media Cyberbullying Statistics in Australia

In this regard, social media platforms like Tinder, Facebook, and Instagram have fueled the fire. Over the past decade, there was an overall 32% rise in global cyberbullying cases. Australia is undoubtedly among the top countries affected, as one in five teenage Aussies experiences cyberbullying daily.

68% of Aussie teenagers agree that social media cyberbullying is a significant modern-day problem that must be taken care of. Cyberbullying victims are 2 to 9 times more vulnerable to suicidal thoughts. Also, a survey shows around 90% of teenage Aussies have witnessed cyberbullying on A-tier social media platforms. Here is a chart showing the ratio of cyberbullying on top-rated platforms.

Cyberbullying on social media platforms in Australia
Cyberbullying Statistics on Social Media Platforms

Graphs on Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is the worst type of bullying, as you are vulnerable 24/7 and never know what’s coming your way. Australian cyberbullying is marked by severe online harassment, including sexual harassment and physical threats. Here is a detailed graph on Australian cyberbullying showing the type of harassment you may experience.

Different types of cyberbullying in Australia
Percentage of Different Types of Cyberbullying in Australia

How to Fix Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying statistics in Australia show that more than 50% of cyberbullying victims don’t talk to their parents or concerned authorities about it. The reasons may be self-doubt and lack of motivation. With such low awareness, how do we get rid of cyberbullying? The solution is straightforward; check and balance.

Everything on the internet should be kept in check and balanced to eliminate harmful content that may promote cyberbullying. Also, relevant awareness should be raised in educational institutions and community centers to teach children the adverse effects of cyberbullying and how to control them.

Final Take

Cyberbullying statistics in Australia show that around 90% of cyberbullying victims agreed to have abused someone. It shows that cyberbullying is a chain reaction that causes harm on a large scale. Cyberbullying must be controlled by appropriate measures as the safety of future generations in our modern digital world is necessary.

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