eToro VS Stake: Comparison Between The Best Investing Apps in Australia


Are you stuck in a situation where deciding one from eToro vs Stake feels like you are at your wits’ end? Without a doubt, both eToro and Stake have swept away all the competitors in the trading industry. But everyone wants to trade only through the best investing app. 

You all want a detailed comparison between these two. Don’t you? So, to assist our readers in this regard, we’re here with the introduction, fees, and other essential points of these investing apps in Australia. We are sure this comparison article will make you confident enough to pick the best one from these two. 

So, let’s dive deep to make the second-to-none pick for you. 

eToro for Australians: Pros, Cons & Brief Review

eToro VS Stake: Comparison Australia

eToro distinguishes itself as a superior investing and trading app for Australians through its unique social trading features, diverse asset classes, and user-friendly interface.

It provides an innovative social trading platform that allows users to copy the trades of successful investors, facilitating knowledge sharing and enhancing the trading experience, especially for beginners.

Stake, on the other hand, is primarily a platform for trading US stocks, which limits the diversity of its offerings. With eToro, users have the opportunity to trade in a vast range of assets including stocks, ETFs, commodities, forex, and even cryptocurrencies, providing a broader platform for investment.

Its intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface ensures a smoother user experience, thereby promoting a more-stocked on the platform, which makes trading and investing easier for all users.

Lastly, eToro’s customer service is well-regarded for its responsiveness and helpfulness, providing timely support for users, thereby fostering a seamless and enjoyable trading experience.

Here’s the fee structure of eToro:

Currency Conversion Fee0.5% on each deposit
Withdrawal FeeUS$5
Minimum Withdrawal AmountUS$30
Inactivity Fee (After inactivity of a year)US$10 monthly


  • Social or copy trading
  • User-friendly application
  • Offers free ETF and stock trading


  • eToro doesn’t provide its services in all states
  • Non-trading (fund withdrawal fee) is on the higher side
  • Customer service isn’t satisfactory

STAKE for Australians: Pros, Cons & Brief Review

What is Stake?

Want to get a commission-free stock trading platform? The Stake has got you covered. It is a low-cost Australian-based trading platform regulated by ASIC and FCA. As a Stake user, you can invest in 6,000 US stocks and EFTs. 

This stockbroker allows Australian investors to trade ASX, US stocks, and EFTs. Here you must know that when you trade with Stake, it’s just the US dollars that you can trade in only. It’s the matchless option when you’re regularly trading. 

That’s because buying and selling investments on Stake doesn’t charge you even a penny. In simple words, there isn’t any brokerage fee at Stake. 

Here’s all about the fees of Stake:

Withdrawal FeeUSD$2
US Stocks$3
ASX Stocks$3


  • User-friendly trading application
  • No additional charges (zero commission) for US trades
  • Make it accessible for Aussies to get US shares markets without any US trading account


  • Conversion fee for withdrawals and deposits
  • Slow settlement of funds in case of not having a Black Stake account
  • No telephone support or limited customer service

eToro vs Stake: Which is the Best Investing App in Australia

eToro vs Stake: Which is the Best Investing App in Australia

After reading the review, the next question popping into your mind will be Stake vs eToro, which is the best app. 

When comparing both apps, the price matters in the first place for most of the peeps. Let us tell you that Stake has lower fees than eToro. But if we talk about the service, including the customer service quality, eToro wins the match.  

Most importantly, eToro users are accessible to more products and more markets. Thus, eToro’s trading platform is more highly rated than Stake. 

Stake only allows you to invest in shares and EFTs. While the eToro offers wide investing options, including crypto, CFDs, Forex, and commodities. So, you can decide that eToro is the best investing app. 

Do you now want to know how to sell stocks on eToro? Nothing tricky; you have to just follow these steps.

  • Open the eToro website and log in. 
  • Click on your portfolio
  • Select your selling products
  • Close your position
  • Choose the option of withdrawing your money.


eToro VS Stake: A Comparison Between the Best Investing Apps in Australia

eToro VS Stake: A Comparison Between the Best Investing Apps in Australia

Feature eToro Stake
Trading Fees No commission on stocks and ETFs, but charges spread fees No commission, only charges fx fee for converting AUD to USD
Investment Products Stocks, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, CFDs, Commodities, Forex US Stocks and ETFs
Social Trading Available (CopyTrader feature) Not available
Research and Educational Tools Comprehensive research materials and tools Basic research materials and tools
Regulation Regulated by multiple financial authorities including CySEC, FCA, and ASIC Regulated by US FINRA and covered by SIPC
Customer Support Available 24/5 via multiple channels including live chat Support available via email and live chat
Minimum Deposit $200, However, for Australians, it’s $50 $0

Final Verdict

eToro and Stake are both reliable trading platforms, each with its own strengths and drawbacks. Stake’s major advantage is its streamlined focus on US stocks, which can be beneficial for those solely interested in the American market. However, its asset diversity is comparatively limited.

On the other hand, eToro excels with its social trading feature, its variety of tradable assets, including stocks, ETFs, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies, and a user-friendly interface that’s great for beginners and seasoned traders alike. D

espite higher fees on eToro, the comprehensive nature of its offerings, coupled with a robust customer service, make it a compelling choice for Australians looking for a more versatile and supportive trading environment.

hus, while both platforms have merits, eToro emerges as the more advantageous platform due to its multifaceted features and resources.

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