Best Way to invest $10K in Australia [To Generate Passive Income]


Whether your goal is to build wealth or get financial freedom, nothing is more rewarding than having an investment strategy in your mind. 

With various investment opportunities available, the Australian nominal GDP has increased by 23.8% from the previous year. However, finding the best way to invest is still a tedious job. Therefore, this article will discuss how to invest $10k in Australia and gain profit. 

1- Buy an Existing Profitable Business

Buy an Existing Profitable Business
Buy an Existing Profitable Business

The best thing about investing in an existing business is you don’t have to do the groundwork. All you have to do is to buy a small or large business in your preferred category and let the cash flow. 

Yet, there are some crucial procedures that you should follow when investing in an existing business. Thus, you can take help from, a private marketplace that assists people in selling and buying online businesses. Follow these steps when buying a business on 

  • Determine your business category- clothing, restaurant, or supermarket. 
  • Find the best business sites on Flippa and buy the one that suits your preferences. 
  • Wait for the perfect sale time and start making a huge profit at one end.

2- Invest in Stocks

Invest in Stocks
Invest in Stocks

Stop worrying if you’re wondering how to invest 10000 in Australia. With limitless stock investment opportunities available in Australia, you can make millions by sitting in the corner of your house. Unlike other investment options, buying and selling stocks is profitable as it has long-term potential. 

Although investing in stocks is risky, it can also make big bucks. You should find a trusted investment site like, which allows you to invest with a minimal amount. Hence, you can diversify your portfolio and profit by investing wisely.

3-Launch Your Own Online Business on Shopify

Nothing can be better than launching your own online business if you’re confused about how to invest $10k in Australia. You can take further assistance from the World’s largest e-commerce online store, Shopify. 

Launch your own online Business on Shopify
Start an Online Business on Shopify

With 2.1 million daily active users, it helps individuals launch their online businesses to build their brand presence.  You can also be a part of these 2.1 million people and sell your products or services to make millions in return. 

4- Invest in Precious Metals 

To hedge against inflation, investing in commodities is one of the finest options. Precious metals solve your indecision of how best to invest 10k. Metals like Gold and Silver can be traded easily on Bullion Star, and you can make a handsome amount with this investment. 

Invest in Precious Metals
Invest in Precious Metals

5- Invest in Yourself 

Before investing in anything else, you should invest in yourself first. Undoubtedly, this is the most worthwhile investment you can ever make. Compared to other investments, investing in yourself is well-spent and can make you six figures gradually. Here are some ways you can invest in yourself: 

Invest in yourself
Invest in yourself
  • Learn a new skill and master it to your best. 
  • Enroll in courses on Udemy, Coursera, etc. 
  • Join productive workshops. 
  • Read more books and enhance your lifetime learning process. 

Final Verdict

It is beyond doubt that investment is a great source of generating passive income. With the ways mentioned above, you can conveniently invest $10k in Australia and start your side hustle. However, some risks and threats are also associated with investing, so you should be careful enough to avoid mishaps. 

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