List of the Best Australian Soccer Players of All Times


Undoubtedly soccer is gaining relentless momentum in Australia, and young buds are coming up to take the lead. Although it wasn’t always the case, even the soccer grounds and soccer players of Australia had shown a pretty lousy performance before. But this isn’t the case anymore. 

Australian soccer players strengthened themselves with time. So, here you’re going to embrace yourself with the 5 best Australian soccer players of all time. They have played in national and international leagues and proved victorious in many matches.

1- Johny Warren

On the top of this list is the late Johnny Norman Warren, an elite Australian soccer player, broadcaster, coach, and writer admired for his passionate work in the football industry. The locals and national television collectively named him “Captain Socceroo” for his contributions to the soccer industry.

Johnny made his international debut in late 1965. Warren made 42 international appearances, including Australia’s first World Cup venture in 1974, and captained the Socceroos in 24 international appearances. His tireless efforts to make soccer a national success made him a soccer legend that the world remembers today.

2- Harry Kewell

Next, we have Harry Kewell, a great Australian coach, manager, and former player. Kewell had a remarkable football career with both premier league and international soccer debut within a month. Harry Kewell was the youngest player to debut in the Australian national team.

The Australian star left-winger played 506 games with 122 goals (17 on the international stage) and 56 assists. Kewell’s finest win was Liverpool’s 2005 Champions trophy win. Harry Kewell is a fabulous success story and is arguably the best soccer player in Australia.

3- Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill is admired worldwide for his diehard performances at Millwall and Everton football clubs. Cahill played as an attacking midfielder and striker and was famous for his aggressive playstyle. Tim Cahill was the first to score at the World Cup for the Australian soccer team.

Cahill has played four FIFA World Cups with 50 goals in 108 international appearances. Cahill scored 141 goals in 555 league career games before announcing his retirement in 2019. Cahill is an all-time leading goal scorer out of all the international Australian soccer team players and is considered one of the best.

4- Mark Schwarzer

Mark Schwarzer is a star goalkeeper with a magical and almost perfect career story. The passionate goalie from Sydney represented Australia internationally for over 20 years (1993-2013). Schwarzer was selected for two world cups (2006 and 2010), showing a phenomenal performance.

Mark Schwarzer has enjoyed the longest international career out of all the Australian football players. With solid career stats and capped international stage appearances, Mark Schwarzer has engraved his name in the history of Australian soccer.

5- Mark Viduka

Last but not least, on the list of best Australian soccer players of all time, we have Mark Viduka, one of the most well-known strikers in Australian soccer history. Mark Viduka made history when he captained the Australian soccer team to the knockout stage in the World Cup 2006.

According to Football Australia, Mark Viduka played 45 senior international games scoring 11 goals for the Socceroos. The Australian Institute of Sport issued the “best of the best” trophy for Mark Viduka. He was inducted into the Australian soccer hall of fame and is counted as one of the most renowned players in Australian soccer history.

Final Take

Here marks the end of our list of the best Australian soccer players of all time. Even with soccer not being a famous sport in Australia, the nation has still given several great soccer players to the world. Every player on this list is counted as one of the greatest in Australian soccer history.

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