Mobile Phone Use While Driving Statistics in Australia

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Mobile phones are the biggest distraction for people in the 21st century. These distractions by phone, especially when combined with driving, may result in horrible incidents. Driving is a sensitive task, and it requires your undivided attention. Mobile phone use while driving may result in a horrific road crash.

This article will go through all the relevant mobile phone use while driving statistics Australia.

Distracted Driving Statistics Australia

It is an undoubted fact that distracted driving is the leading cause of road crash fatalities and accidents. However, a Budget Direct Insurance Company survey shows over 20% of 18-34-year-olds don’t think mobile phones distract them while driving a car. These numbers make it clear that the younger generation is unaware of mobile phone use’s consequences and potential harms while driving.

Also, around 30% of Australians feel that using a mobile phone in traffic lights and jams is entirely okay. Around 64% of Australians don’t put their phone in silent mode when driving. Another survey says that approximately 29% of men regularly use mobile phones while driving. Here’s a graph showing crashes where handheld phone use was a contributing factor.

Mobile Phone Use While Driving Statistics Australia 2022
Crashes by severity in New South Wales

Car Accidents Caused by Mobile Phones Australia

Mobile phones are the leading cause of car accidents in Australia. According to a survey, mobile phone distraction accounts for 22% of car accidents and around 71% of truck accidents annually. A study on texting and driving statistics Australia by suggests that texting on mobile phones increases the crash risk by 23%.

Here are a few quick-read statistics on mobile phone use while driving in Australia.

  • Around 30% of young-age drivers send texts while driving cars in Australia.
  • Around 60% of Australian drivers use mobile phones while driving.
  • Mobile phone usage while driving increases the risk of a car crash by 15 times and a truck crash by 20 times.
  • Distracting driving accounts for 30% of deadly vehicle crashes and 45% of serious crashes in Australia.
  • A two-second look on your phone means you’re traveling blind for several tens of meters.
  • People use a mobile phone without the fear of cars crashing for several reasons. Here’s a graph showing the leading reasons for using a mobile phone while driving in Australia.
Mobile Phone Use While Driving Statistics Australia 2022
Reasons for Using Mobile Phone While Driving in Australia

Texting While Driving Statistics Australia

Texting while driving is also one of the leading contributors to rising car crash percentages in Australia every year. Let’s take a quick peek at several texting while driving statistics Australia.

  • Around 20% of the young Aussies aren’t familiar with the law stating it’s illegal to text while driving in Australia.
  • Texting while driving increases the crash risk by over 20%.
  • More than 15% of young Aussie drivers admit to texting while driving.
  • Texting distracts you from driving more than a phone call.
  • Around 3000 people died from texting while driving in 2020.
  • Authorities predict this number to go a lot higher in the future.
  • 1 in 4 teens admits to being comfortable replying to a text while driving.
  • Almost 9% of all fatalities are linked to texting and driving.

Final Take

Here marks the ending to our detailed texting and driving statistics Australia. Mobile phone use while driving can drastically increase the chance of car crashes worldwide. Appropriate steps need to be taken to raise awareness in this regard. Strict laws must be imposed against people using their mobile phones while driving.

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