Important Podcasts Statistics in Australia [Updated for 2023]

Podcasts Statistics in Australia

Podcasts, previously known as audioblogs, gained popularity in the early 2000s. With the culture of YouTube and other online video streaming platforms growing, podcasts have gained quite an audience over the past two decades. People enjoy the mixture of entertainment and information with a pinch of conversational drama.

Podcast Statistics Australia

According to a report by Infinite Dial 2021, around 86% of Aussies listen to live or catch-up radio podcasts regularly. The Australian culture and entertainment preferences are perfectly mixed up with the podcast industry. Here are some surprising podcast statistics in Australia for you to check out.

1. Monthly and Weekly Podcast Listening

According to the “Infinite Dial Study 2022”, monthly podcast listening in Aussies has spiked to 40%. It has grown by 3% in only one year. However, there has been no considerable change in the weekly podcast listening ratio.

2. Average Time Spent Listening to Podcasts

The same study reveals that, on average, weekly podcast listeners spend approximately seven hours per week listening to podcasts. The average time has increased by 2 hours since 2021.

Also, the weekly online audio listeners spend nearly 13 hours per week listening to online audio content (including songs, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.).

3. Average Length of Podcasts

In Australia, the average length of podcasts ranges from twenty to forty minutes. That means an average Aussie podcast listener spends around 2 hours per week listening to podcasts.

4. Leading Platform for Podcasts

In Australia, around 42% of podcast listeners use YouTube daily. The statistical data from YouTube showed around 16.5 million unique Australian visitors per month.

5. Popular Podcast Platforms

Other well-known podcast platforms include Spotify, Apple Podcasts, ABC Listens, Google Podcasts, and Audible. The following table shows the podcast audience distribution among these platforms.

Apple Podcasts21%
ABC Listens16%
Google Podcasts15%

6. Most Used Device for Podcast Listening

The most common device among podcast listeners in Aussie is “Smart Speakers”. Around 23% of Aussie podcast listeners use these speakers daily to access their favourite episodes.

7. Commonly Used Devices for AM/FM/DAB+

The commonly used devices among Aussie podcast listeners include the radio station website, radio station app, and aggregator website or app.

8. Where Do Aussies Listen to Podcasts?

The highest percentage of podcast listening is done at home (around 87%). Other locations include.

  • In a Car (59%)
  • While walking or jogging (51%)
  • In a bus or other public transport (39%)
  • While working (27%)
  • While working out (24%)

9. Payment For Podcasts

According to a study, around 43% of podcast listeners in Australia are willing to pay for audio content online.

10. Finishing Podcasts

The data from Australian YouTubers and content creators show that only 57% of their audiences complete a podcast episode. The rest of the 43% leave the podcast halfway.

Final Thoughts

People are more focused on gathering knowledge via the internet than ever. One of the best methods to stay informed about the latest world trends is by listening to podcasts. For that reason, podcasts are gaining popularity worldwide. All the statistical numbers in the article above have been taken from official Australian sources.

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