A general practitioner will typically make $199,500 per year, or $100.96 per hour, in 2023 in Australia.

Australian GPs daily wage is around $767, and the monthly compensation might reach $16,625. Entry-level professionals may anticipate making $138,869 per year, while experienced professionals can make up to $263,250 per year. It exceeds the $136,296 annual compensation of the general manager and the $160,931 salary of a professor.

Australia is one of the best countries to live in the entire world. It can be counted as one of the high-paying countries. Like every other profession, being a General practitioner is a forever green occupation in Australia. This brief yet informative article will help you analyze the scope of this profession by estimating the salary range that these practitioners can expect in 2023. So, without further delays, let’s get straight into what’s awaiting for GPs!

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What’s the General Practitioner (GP)?

A general practitioner refers to a doctor who can treat patients with minor illnesses and refers those with chronic ones to the hospital. Such doctors usually work in clinics, hospitals, and urgent care centers. They are not specialized in a particular field and can work not only to diagnose but also to treat a vast range of medical issues.

What is a GP Supposed to Do?

Here is what we can account for as the responsibilities of a GP in Australia. Let’s have a look!

  • Clinical examination
  • Minor surgery
  • Patient consultations
  • Heath education
  • liaising with other healthcare professionals
  • Performing diagnosis tests
  • Keeping a check on the patient’s well-being and recovery progress
  • Providing emergency care to a patient in a life-threatening condition
  • Staying up to date with the recently launched and used medications and medical treatments
  • Keeping up-to-date records of each patient admitted
  • Giving patients advice on health, haircare plans, and nutrition

How Much Can You Make as a GP in Australia?

The average salary that a general practitioner can earn in 2023 is $199,500 per year, meaning $100.96 per hour. Your monthly salary can be up to $16,625, and the daily salary is about $767. An entry-level practitioner can expect to earn $138,869 annually, whereas experienced workers can earn up to $263,250 annually. It’s more than a professor’s salary, $160,931, and the General Manager’s salary, $136,296.

How to Become a General Practitioner in Australia?

Here are the requirements for becoming a General Practitioner (GP) in Australia.

  • Complete your Bachelor of Medical Studies. To get admitted for it, you must have 12 years of education, pass the interview, and take the UCAT – University Clinical Aptitude Test.
  • Complete your one-year internship in a well-recognized hospital by rotating through different platforms.
  • Get registered with the Medical Board of Australia. You can continue working for one or two more years before gaining specialist training.
  • Complete your AGPT program and become a fellow of FRACGP. This accounts for an additional three years of training and practice program. You have to give an exam to clear it. You can also include rural practice training for another training year if needed. 

In short, it’s better to go through several learning and training programs and get experience instead of jumping straight into the professional world.

Wrapping Up

That was all you should know about the General Practitioner’s profession in Australia. From what this profession demands to what it pays and more, we have explained everything, Hope you find it worth reading!

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