Are you on the hunt for the best text-to-speech software? Chances are that you might have come across various options. However, not every software allows you to turn text into high-quality voices. The last thing you want is for the audio to sound unsettling. This is why you should consider using Speechelo. Our review has all the details about this innovative solution.

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What Is Speechelo?

Speechelo is a powerful AI text-to-speech software that allows you to create audio in different voices. Created by Blaster Suite, it turns text into audio with just three clicks. You only need to paste copy and paste text, select a voice for the audio, and hit “Done”.

What It Is Used For?

Speechelo is just the tool for those of you who cannot speak a certain language well enough to talk about a topic or are simply uncomfortable using your own voice. It is also worth using if you do not have the right audio equipment to produce high-quality sound. Therefore, you can use the tool to create all types of audio.

Why It’s A Good Tool?

What makes Speechelo a good tool is that it is highly accurate. It is perfect for anyone who has reading difficulties as they can import text from any app and listen to it. In addition to this, students will also find Speechelo to be useful as it allows them to listen to their PDF textbooks in an AI voice of their choice. In fact, the software supports up to 24 languages including French and Spanish. Therefore, you can rely on it to understand how to properly speak a language. Besides, you have the option to integrate Speechelo with other software such as video editing software.

Pros of Speechelo  Cons of Speechelo  
One of the best things about Speechelo is that it boasts a full money-back guarantee.  When you pay the one-time fee, you will get access to 30 languages and will have to upgrade for more options.  
Speecehlo has various AI voices which are different from the ones offered by Google Wavenet and Amazon Polly. This ensures that you get to create audios that are completely unique.  Standard users can only convert up to 700 words in one go. This means that you will need to break content into sections.  
It has an easy to use interface. You should be able to use it regardless of what your skill level might be.  There may be some accent differences when working with certain languages such as French, German, or Arabic. However, Speechelo is developing and may offer accent options in the future.  
Anyone who listens to the voice produced by Speechelo would be unable to tell that it is an AI.   
Speechelo is a more affordable option when compared to other tools out there.   
Users even have the option to place emphasis and adust pitch level for natural-sounding voices.   
Since Speechelo is entirely cloud-based, there is no need to download any software.   

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