International money transfers have never been easier, thanks to a plethora of services available to us today. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare two leading platforms – Travelex and Wise (formerly TransferWise). We’ll delve into their services, fees, exchange rates, transfer speed, and more to help you decide which is cheaper and suits your needs.

Travelex and Wise: An Overview

Travelex and Wise are both esteemed players in the international money transfer industry, but they cater to different needs and offer distinct benefits. Let’s discuss these providers in detail:

Travelex: A Veteran in the Foreign Exchange Market

Travelex is a well-established name in the foreign exchange market. It provides a wide range of services, including:

  • International money transfers
  • Prepaid currency cards
  • Foreign cash and travel money

Wise: The Digital Native of Money Transfers

Formerly known as TransferWise, Wise has made waves in the digital financial services industry since its inception in 2011. Its services are primarily focused on:

  • Cheap and transparent international money transfers
  • Borderless accounts for multiple currencies
  • Wise Debit Card

Exchange Rates: Travelex vs Wise

One of the most crucial factors in determining the cost of an international money transfer is the exchange rate.

Wise prides itself on using the real, mid-market exchange rate – the one you’d find on Google – for its transfers. This approach eliminates the hidden charges often found in exchange rate markups, making Wise one of the most cost-effective options for Australians to send money abroad.

On the other hand, Travelex’s exchange rates are often marked up, making transfers more expensive compared to Wise.

Fees: How Do They Stack Up?


Travelex’s fee structure can be slightly more complex due to varying rates depending on the transaction. It’s essential to check the total cost (exchange rate + transaction fee) before proceeding with a transfer.


Wise boasts transparency in its fees. When sending money, you’ll see the transfer fee upfront, based on the sending amount and the payment method. This transparency is a big plus for those who want to avoid hidden costs and know exactly how much they’re spending.

Speed of Transfers: Getting Your Money Where It Needs to Be

Wise typically completes international money transfers within 1-2 business days, making it a fast and efficient choice for sending money overseas from Australia.

Travelex, on the other hand, might take 2-4 business days to complete a transfer, depending on various factors including the currency, amount, and recipient’s bank processing time.

Customer Experience: Who Offers More?

Wise provides a user-friendly platform with a transparent process. Their customer support team is readily available to help with any issues.

Travelex, while offering a multitude of services, may sometimes be less straightforward with their cost structure. However, they do have a longstanding reputation and provide reliable customer support.

Travelex VS Wise: The Verdict

While Travelex has a strong presence in the foreign exchange market and offers a range of services, when it comes to cheaper and more transparent international money transfers, Wise seems to have an edge.

For Australians sending money abroad, Wise’s commitment to transparency, competitive exchange rates, and fast transfer times make it a compelling choice.


1. Is it safe to send money abroad with Travelex and Wise?

Yes, both Travelex and Wise are regulated by financial authorities and employ security measures to protect users’ data and funds.

2. Which service is faster for sending money

overseas from Australia?

Typically, Wise transfers are faster, often completed within 1-2 business days. Travelex transfers may take 2-4 business days.

3. How can I check the status of my transfer?

Both Wise and Travelex provide tracking options for your transfers. You can check the status of your transfer on their respective websites or apps.

In conclusion, whether you choose Travelex or Wise, it depends on your specific requirements. Wise stands out for cheaper and faster international money transfers, but Travelex’s wide range of services may suit other needs better. Always compare current exchange rates and fees before making a decision.

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