What is the Average Household income in Brisbane, Australia?

Brisbane city, Australia

A nation’s economic value is directly related to its reputation worldwide. Australia is one of the highest-performing economies in the world right now. Back in 2020, the whole economic game of the world took an enormous hit with the pandemic lock-downs.

However, Australia survived and remained a highly developed country with a mixed-market economy. This article will review the Brisbane average salary statistics while discussing the relevant parameters.

Average Income Brisbane

Brisbane is the most popular and populous country in Queensland, Australia. The majority of the Brisbane people are professionals and clerical or administrative workers. According to a survey conducted in 2021, around 24% of Brisbanians are professionals. Followed by them are clerical and administrative workers at 13.7% and managers at 12.7%.

AverageSalarySurvey estimates that the average salary in Brisbane is 129,370 AUD per year. The average hourly rate is $36.53. Also, the most typical salary is 77,174 AUD per year. The salary rates also differ on gender. Men earn around 138,319 AUD annually, while women receive 109,676 AUD per annum on average. This is due to differences in gender-role jobs (women usually apply for different jobs than men, and viceversa).

Most people in Brisbane are employed as professional workers. However, management and administrative workers are the highest paid, with an average income of 182,695 AUD per year. Here is a chart showing the average salary distribution in Brisbane.

Average Household income in Brisbane
Distribution of Salaries in Brisbane

Average Salary Brisbane

The average Brisbane salary is around 71,000 AUD per year. Also, Brisbane’s most popular jobs are operations management, accountancy, and software engineering. The average Brisbane minimum wage is about 26,300 AUD per annum, while the maximum average is 464,000 AUD per year. Social worker salary in Brisbane ranges from 68,000 AUD to 150,000 AUD per annum.

The median salary in Brisbane is 110,000 AUD per year which is lower than the national average. Although median salary numbers are optimal, according to a survey, 50% of all employees in Brisbane earned less than 1250 AUD in December 2022. The salary amount also varies depending on years of experience in the relevant field. Here’s a graph showing salary comparison by years of experience.

Average Household income in Brisbane
Salary Comparison by Years of Experience

Household Incomes in Brisbane

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Brisbane’s median weekly household incomes range from 2000-2100 AUD. On average high-earning households remained dominant over the past few years. The low-earning income households were low than usual. In the last year, Brisbane marked 23.7% of high-earning income households and 18.9% of low-earning income households.

Brisbane has around 80,000 private dwellings with an average of 2.3 people per household. The median weekly household income was 1868 AUD, including the median monthly rate of 400 AUD. The average household income increase per year in Brisbane is 6% approximately. Brisbane’s household incomes are 14% more than the national income.

Final Take

Here marks the ending to our detailed average household income statistics and analysis. Brisbane is undoubtedly among the top-performing countries in Australia. All the statistical figures and charts represented above are based on the data provided by official Australian authorities.

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